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We are available for all your sheetmetal needs.

Listed are the standards we employ to get your job done.

We can handle all your jobs from small to large.

Automated processes, latest equipment and experienced staff produce quality results for all standard and custom requests.


  • All medium pressure ductwork will be fully assembled with Pittsburgh seams and TDC connectors. All Pittsburgh seams will be sealed unless requested otherwise at no extra cost.
  • All low pressure ductwork comes with L-shaped straight duct and fully assembled fittings. The typical seam is snaplock with slip/drive connectors. Straight duct can be assembled upon request. Most simple transitions and offsets as well as straight duct will be snaplock. All radius fittings including elbows will be Pittsburgh.
  • All grease duct will come fully assembled and welded. We have the capability to run full-wrap straight duct on our coil line with only one welded seam. We also make our own access doors/clean-outs, complete with fire-rope and removable caps.
  • All nested fittings can be sent fully assembled upon request.
  • All duct requested lined will be 1" thickness with 1.5# density unless specified otherwise. All liner will be glued and pinned according to SMACNA standards.
  • All duct over 16" in length will be beaded for rigidity, and can be cross-broken instead upon request.
  • Square to rounds under 12" in diameter will be rolled, over 12" will be broken, unless requested otherwise. All drain pans can come either cross-broken or with a v-brake, and pvc or copper outlets are available upon request.
  • All duct comes reinforced per SMACNA standards with 1/2" EMT rods with a spring/stud-lock configuration.


All accessories needed to assemble your duct will be shipped with your order at no extra cost:

  • Cut to length slips, drives, and barlock
  • Ductmate Frames, loose Ductmate flange, or corners
  • TDC butyl gasket
  • TDC Cleats
  • TDC corners
  • TDC nuts & bolts
  • Hanger Straps (typically 24 gauge, 10' long, 1" wide, in bundles of 60)

Specialty Items

  • Wall caps of any size
  • Drain pans
  • Curbs
  • Curb Caps
  • Curb Adapters
  • Pate Rails
  • Filter Racks
  • Linear Slot Diffusers
  • Plenums
  • Duct adapters
  • Condensate Pump Brackets
  • Condensate Pump drain pans
  • Angle
  • Z-Bar
A team member adding corners to TDC duct.