Shop Floor

At ASAP, we pride ourselves in having all of the latest and best equipment to ensure high quality and speedy turn-around times to our customers.

We currently have an automated machine for most every task necessary to assemble all types of rectangular ductwork.

Our shop utilizes the most advanced, precision-cutting and fabricating equipment on the market.

The result is a clean, high-quality product that isn't twisted or misaligned.


Welding Shop

  • We have a team of full time welders capable of handling most any tasks needed to complete the job from grease duct to curb caps and drain pans.

Accessories Dept

  • We make all cut-to-length slips, drives, barlocks, ductmate frames, vanes, etc.

Quality Control Dept

  • Full-time to ensure order accuracy and quality.
A row of four, 10,000 pound sheet metal coils feeding the coil line.